• UITAMA app

    An inspiring guide for families with children to make the most of their time in Estonian nature.

A mobile app designed to make family adventures effortlessly easy,ensuring more time for what truly matters – shared moments with loved ones!!

35+ Family-Friendly Hiking Trails

Explore the wonderful nature of Estonia on trails that are exciting for both you and your children.

Offline Maps and Info

All trail maps and info available even without an internet connection*

Explore Great Opportunities

Looking for a place in nature where you can swing, climb, or swim? Find the information in minutes with the app!

Tailored Filtering for Family Needs

Discover trails based on factors like travel time, accessibility, length, character, and other features.

Content Designed for Families

  • The first-of-its-kind app for family-friendly nature trails and services in Estonia
  • Over 35 family-friendly hiking and nature trails to explore with kids
  • The trail information is curated with insights from one parent to another
  • All trails displayed in the app have been tested with children
  • Read reviews from other parents using the app

Quick Search

  • Find family-friendly trails based on the driving time – making it easier to align adventures with your child's nap times!
  • Filter trails based on their length, character, accessibility (stroller, bicycle, etc.), potential exciting activities, distinctive features, and user ratings
  • Plan your family vacation by creating lists of places where you want to wander

Confidence in Navigation

  • Navigation options to reach the starting point of the trail
  • Worried about losing your way in the great outdoors? Use your smartphone as a GPS tracker to stay on the right trail
  • All trail maps and information are accessible even offline.*
* We're currently in the development phase of adding offline maps.
The first version of the app is now available!
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